Green Roof Award

The Green Roof Award has been awarded annually since 2000 to the best green roof project in Scandinavia, on the initiative of the City of Malmö.

Green Roof Award winners



Økern Portal

Location: Oslo, Norway
Size: 4 402 m² (green roof)
Completed: 2020
Owner: Oslo Pensjonsforsikring
Architect: DARK arkitekter
Landscape architect: LARK Landskap
Contractor: Vedal
Roofing contractor: U.Reist

Green roof award 2021 – Turning grey to green

The 2021 Green roof award is awarded to the green roof installations on Økern Portal. This project is an interesting newly developed project that takes an overall and inclusive approach to the vegetation design, the use of space and potential values that can be incorporated into a green roof design. 
The green roof is designed to be multifunctional where different vegetation types are chosen to increase ecosystem service performance and environmental quality but also for restoration and rest. Some parts of the roof are designed to include possibilities for learning about growing and its role for urban sustainability. Access is well integrated into the design as well as storage for equipment and material used in maintenance of the roof. 

The Økern Portal green roof shows great potential for supporting the urban environment as well as human recreation, throughout the year and many years to come.




Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Size: 2 500 m²
Completed: 2020
Owner: Vasakronan
Architect: Marge Arkitekter
Landscape architect: Karavan Landskapsarkitekter



Amager Bakke / Copenhill

Location: Köpenhamn, Denmark
Size: 3 000 m²
Completed: 2019
Owner: ARC
Architect: BIG
Landscape architect: SLA

Greenest of green1


The Greenest of the green

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Size: Green roofs: 1196 m², courtyard roof
garden: 1060 m²
Completed: 2017
Owner: TA Companies Ltd
Architect: Architecture and design agency
Talli Ltd
Landscape architect: LOCI Landscape Architects Ltd


2017 (shared first place)

Panum Institute

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Size: 5 050 m²
Completed: 2017
Owner: Københavns Universitet
Architect: C.F. Møller
Landscape architect: SLA architects


2017 (shared first place)


Location: Malmö, Sweden
Size: Rooftop terrace: 300 m², recycling house: 28 m²
Completed: 2017
Owner: Hauschild + Siegel Real Estate AB
Architect: Hauschild + Siegel Architecture AB
Landscape architect: Hauschild + Siegel Architecture AB



Egedal City Hall & Health Care Center

Location: Egedal, Denmark
Size: 18 000 m² (total)
Completed: 2014
Owner: Egedal Municipality
Architect: Henning Larsen A/S
Landscape architect: SLA




Location: Malmö, Sweden
Size: 399 m²
Completed: 2014
Owner: MKB Fastighets AB
Architect: Arkitektlaget i Skåne
Landscape architect: Edge



Novo Nordisk

Location: Bagsværd, Denmark
Size: 50 200 m² (total)
Completed: 2013
Owner: Novo Nordisk A/S
Architect: Henning Larsen A/S
Landscape architect: SLA




Location: Malmö, Sweden
Size: 93 000 m² (total)
Completed: 2012
Owner: Steen & Strøm
Architect: Wingårdhs
Landscape architect:  Wingårdhs



Viborg City Hall

Location: Viborg, Denmark
Size: 93 000 m² (total)
Completed: 2011
Owner: Municipality of Viborg
Architect: Henning Larsen A/S
Landscape architect:  LIW planning

The jury looks at the following criteria:


The variety of plants and animals and/or specific designs with biological diversity as a goal.


How the green roof uses rainwater and/or has been part of the strategy for adaptation to climate change.

Recreational values

The extent to which the green roof offers recreational values.


Material selection that supports circular economy and does not contain materials with a large environmental impact.


Spectacular and innovative design and/or multifunctional design concepts.