Green Roof Award

The Green Roof Award has been awarded annually since 2000 to the best green roof project in Scandinavia, on the initiative of the City of Malmö.

Last date for nominations: 31st of December 2024

Green Roof Award 2024

2 categories and therefore 2 awards!

Extensive green roof

The dominating part of the project has a green roof buildup of maximum 15 cm and is inaccessible

Intensive green roof

The dominating part of the project has a green roof buildup of minimum 15 cm

Please note: The project must have been completed at least 1 year ago.

Green Roof Award winners



Extensive green roof

Alf Bjerkes vei 22

Location: Oslo, Norway
Owner: Aspelin Ramm Eiendom
Contractor: Bergknapp
Landscape architect: SOLA
Architect: Nordic - Office of Architecture
Size: 13 400 sqm of green roof areas
Completed: 2022

The roof is impressive in size but primarily in execution. The largest part of the roof is built with extensive sedum vegetation that is partially combined with solar panels. Additional areas include vegetation beds with flowering meadows, shrubs and trees and the vertical surfaces are used for climbing plants. The vegetated areas also include novel use of dwarf shrub species such as Calluna, Vaccinium and Empetrum. These are plants that characterize large parts of Scandinavia but rarely make their way up on roofs! The project clearly adds a breath of nature to a big box building type that otherwise often goes unnoticed.


Intensive green roof

Magneten Sensory Garden

Location: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Owner: Frederiksberg Municipality
Contractor: Møllerløkkegaard A/S
Landscape architect: MASU Planning
Architect: AI – Arkitekter & Ingeniører
Size: 1 000 sqm of green roof areas
Completed: 2017

The project is an intensive roof garden partially situated on pillars above a street level parking area. The whole design is a good example of how you can integrate urban green also in areas where the surface constraints are very difficult. Foremost Magneten Sensory garden is a great example of a green roof with multiple purposes and a strong focus on wellbeing of the visitors and the staff working at the centre. The Magneten Sensory garden includes tree different themed zones catering to different needs and ways of experiencing the outdoor space. The area includes a vegetable garden, a flower garden and a "bonfire garden". Water from the greenhouse roof and the institution building's roof is collected and and used to water the garden. A lot of the people that visit garden have some kind of physical or mental disabilities and with a roof garden the access and use of the garden can be easily controlled and managed. This inclusive design ensures that all visitors can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of greenery in a safe and welcoming environment. Its innovative design and thoughtful integration of vegetation types make it a great recipient of the Scandinavian Green Roof Award.


Extensive green roof

A working lab

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Size: 1 000 sqm of green roof areas
Completed: 2019
Owner: Akademiska Hus (Chalmers)
Architect: Tengbom akritekter
Contractor: Byggdialog / Veg tech

The working lab is a great example of how extensive green roofs can be used to improve the environmental and social performance of a building. In the working lab project, extensive green roofs are installed on multiple surfaces and linked to recreational areas on several floors. As such the vegetation has the potential to improve the well-being of visitors and tenants. Additionally, the thin green roof mats have a higher water holding capacity as compared to the conventional system.
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Intensive green roof

The Social Spine

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Size: 1 470 sqm of green roof areas
Completed: 2021
Owner: FA09
Architect: arki_lab
Landscape architect: SLA
Contractor: Optimus Anlæg

The Social Spine is a great example for how green roofs of the future can be developed not only on newly built structures but also through retrofitting existing buildings. The project shows wise use of material and a so needed focus on circularity at the same time as achieving high biological, aesthetical and recreational qualities. The project clearly shows how nature based solutions not only can contribute to environment change but also play an important role in social renewal and transformation.


Økern Portal

Location: Oslo, Norway
Size: 4 402 m² (green roof)
Completed: 2020
Owner: Oslo Pensjonsforsikring
Architect: DARK arkitekter
Landscape architect: LARK Landskap
Contractor: Vedal
Roofing contractor: U.Reist




Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Size: 2 500 m²
Completed: 2020
Owner: Vasakronan
Architect: Marge Arkitekter
Landscape architect: Karavan Landskapsarkitekter



Amager Bakke / Copenhill

Location: Köpenhamn, Denmark
Size: 3 000 m²
Completed: 2019
Owner: ARC
Architect: BIG
Landscape architect: SLA

Greenest of green1


The Greenest of the green

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Size: Green roofs: 1196 m², courtyard roof
garden: 1060 m²
Completed: 2017
Owner: TA Companies Ltd
Architect: Architecture and design agency
Talli Ltd
Landscape architect: LOCI Landscape Architects Ltd
University of Helsinki (research)
Roslings Manor Gardens (plants)


2017 (shared first place)

Panum Institute

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Size: 5 050 m²
Completed: 2017
Owner: Københavns Universitet
Architect: C.F. Møller
Landscape architect: SLA architects


2017 (shared first place)


Location: Malmö, Sweden
Size: Rooftop terrace: 300 m², recycling house: 28 m²
Completed: 2017
Owner: Hauschild + Siegel Real Estate AB
Architect: Hauschild + Siegel Architecture AB
Landscape architect: Hauschild + Siegel Architecture AB



Egedal City Hall & Health Care Center

Location: Egedal, Denmark
Size: 18 000 m² (total)
Completed: 2014
Owner: Egedal Municipality
Architect: Henning Larsen A/S
Landscape architect: SLA




Location: Malmö, Sweden
Size: 399 m²
Completed: 2014
Owner: MKB Fastighets AB
Architect: Arkitektlaget i Skåne
Landscape architect: Edge



Novo Nordisk

Location: Bagsværd, Denmark
Size: 50 200 m² (total)
Completed: 2013
Owner: Novo Nordisk A/S
Architect: Henning Larsen A/S
Landscape architect: SLA




Location: Malmö, Sweden
Size: 93 000 m² (total)
Completed: 2012
Owner: Steen & Strøm
Architect: Wingårdhs
Landscape architect:  Wingårdhs



Viborg City Hall

Location: Viborg, Denmark
Size: 93 000 m² (total)
Completed: 2011
Owner: Municipality of Viborg
Architect: Henning Larsen A/S
Landscape architect:  LIW planning



Skanska Office

Location: Malmö, Sweden
Size: 700 m² (total)
Completed: 2011
Owner: Skanska
Architect: N/A
Landscape architect:  N/A



8 House

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Size: 1 700 m² green roof (62 000 m² total)
Completed: 2010
Owner: St. Frederikslund Holding
Architect: BIG
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech



Handelsfagskolen i Århus

Location: Århus, Denmark
Owner: Handelsfagskolen
Architect: Cowi Århus (Kurt Vestergaard)
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech



Veolia Miljö AS

Location: Oslo, Norway
Owner: Veolia Miljö AS
Architect: Espen Lange
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech



Kastrup Spidslastcentral

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Owner: Central kommunernes Transmissionsselskap I/S
Architect: Gottlieb Paludan A/S
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech

09-2005, Stockholm


Försvarshögskolan i Stockholm

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Owner: Akademiska hus i Stockholm AB
Architect: Berg Arkitektkontor AB
Contractor: ISS AB
Roofing contractor:  Jungs Trädgårdsplanering AB

2005 - Bagsvaerd 3


Ungdomsklubben Bagsværd Fort Galdsaxe

Location: Denmark
Owner: Galdsaxe kommune, Börne- og kulturförvaltningen
Architect: Galdsaxe kommune, Ejendomsafdelningen
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech

2004 - Grönne Gårde


Grönne Gårde

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Owner: Köpenhamns Kommune Byggeri & Bolig
Architect: Grönne Gårde
Contractor: Nykilde FmbA
Roofing contractor:  Nykilde FmbA



Gällstaö Ekerö

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Owner: Folkhem Produktion AB
Architect: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB
Folkhem Produktion AB
Roofing contractor:  Jungs Trädgårdsplanering AB



Erskine-huset i Västra hamnen

Location: Malmö, Sweden
Owner: NCC Bostad Syd
Architect: Erskine Tovatt Arkitekter AB
Contractor:  NCC Bostad Syd
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech

2001 - Green Zone Umeå


Green Zone

Location: Umeå, Sweden
Owner: Ecosystem i Skandinavien AB
Architect: Anders Nyquist Arkitektkontor AB
Contractor:  PEAB
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech

2000 - Linköping


Linköping library

Location: Linköping, Sweden
Owner: Linköping Kommunala Fastigheter AB
Architect: Nyréns arkitektkontor AB
Roofing contractor:  Veg Tech

The jury looks at the following criteria:


The variety of plants and animals and/or specific designs with biological diversity as a goal.


How the green roof uses rainwater and/or has been part of the strategy for adaptation to climate change.

Recreational values

The extent to which the green roof offers recreational values.


Material selection that supports circular economy and does not contain materials with a large environmental impact.


Spectacular and innovative design and/or multifunctional design concepts.

The jury

Antti Auvinen
Vantaa stad, Finland

Bent Braskerud
Oslo kommun, Norway

Torben Eg Hoffmann
Byggros AS, Denmark

Tobias Emilsson
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Sweden

Tim Delshammar
VA Syd, Sweden

Tanja H Mason
Scandinavian Green Roof Institute AB, Sweden