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Augustenborg Botanical
Roof Garden


Augustenborg Botanical <br/>Roof Garden



Eco-city <br/>Augustenborg

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute

SGRI är ett kompetenscenter för gröna tak och gröna väggar. Institutet grundades 2001 med uppdrag att förvalta och utveckla Augustenborgs Botaniska Takträdgård. Idag tar institutet emot studiebesök till takträdgården och ekostaden, deltar i forskning och utvecklingsprojekt, bedriver kursverksamhet, gästföreläser, ger konsultering till SGRAs medlemmar samt verkar för utveckling av marknaden.

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute – SGRI – was formed at the beginning of 2000 to manage the development of Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden. Our main activities are accommodating technical visits, seminars and courses, providing consultancy support to member organizations, facilitate research and promote green roofs and facades throughout Scandinavia.


Green Roof Summer Course 2019

  We, at the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, are organizing our green roof summer course for the seventh summer in a row. We also include theory and site visits on green walls! The summer course venue is Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden. The course is open for both students and professionals.   Summer Course Program (25th… Read more »

The Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2018

The winner of The Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2018 is TA Companies Ltd (TA-yhtiöt) for their project The Greenest of the Green in Helsinki, Finland. The Greenest of the Green is a residential building with 121 apartments and a total of 2256 m2 of green roofs and rooftop courtyards. The greenery consists of six different types… Read more »

New Course: Green Blue Black Grey – Green & blue solutions i the circular city

(Course in Swedish) Welcome to the course Green Blue Black Gray, which focuses on the increasingly important blue-green infrastructure in our dense cities. What are system solutions? How can they best benefit ecosystem services, climate change and at the same time become more sustainable in terms of water consumption, filtration and society’s phosphorous use? Throughout… Read more »