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Augustenborg botanical garden

Augustenborg botanical garden

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The Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden is a place for inspiration, research and education.

The green roofs was installed in 1999 with support from the EU-LIFE fund, the Swedish Ministry of the Environment and the City of Malmö. The guided tours and the development-, educational- and project activities at the roofgarden is managed by Scandinavian Green Roof Institute in collaboration with the City of Malmö, VA SYD, E.ON, MKB, and several of the members within the Scandinavian Green Roof Association.

Today, Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden is at the forefront of demonstrating some of the most innovative systems available on the market and a range of possibilities with green roofs. The Roofgarden contains more than 20 variated areas with different systems, different build up and inspiration gardens for urban farming and biodiversity. The roofs cover 9500 square meters and is on top of buildings where the Department of Internal Services, Malmö City, operates. Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden can be visited by booked tours all year round and is open to the public in the summer season.


The Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association (SGIA) is a non-profit organisation with members from academia, municipal departments, green roof entrepreneurs, architects, developers and other organisations with an interest in green roofs and urban green infrastructure.


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