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Coming up: Climatecafe Malmo: 11-14 June 2019

We welcome you to a conference in Malmoe, Sweden on June 13-14, 2019, open for an exchange of thoughts, highlighting results, tools, and mindset when it comes to tackle the challenges in managing urban flooding.

CITIES, RAIN AND RISK will present results from four innovative research projects (The INXCES project, The MUFFIN project, The SUrF project and The Weather Radar project from the perspective of the following themes:

– End-user engagement, tailored tools and public perceptions
– Rainfall and environmental observation and forecasting
– Urban flood modelling and forecasting
– Water management, nature-based solutions and climate adaptation

No roundtable, just a Hut

The conference welcomes practitioners and experts dealing with urban flooding hazards in some way, as well as academics and scientists in the field.

The conference will consist of both short lectures in The Flash Flood Room and hands-on demos of web based tools in our Creative Hut. During two days, you will gain new insights from both research evidence and joint discussions on how we can apply this research.

For more information about the conference and the projects use the highlighted links above.


Green Roof Summer Course 2019

We, at the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, are organizing our green roof summer course for the seventh summer in a row. We also include theory and site visits on green walls! The summer course venue is Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden. The course is open for both students and professionals.
Summer Course Program (25th – 28th June)

The summer course includes

  • Lectures on planning, installation and maintenance of extensive and intensive green roofs, and walls.
  • Workshops on green roof substrate, biodiverse green roof design, maintenance and green roofs in combination with solar panels.
  • Full scale installation of a green roof at a real site – on a roof in central Malmö!
  • Green roof study tour to sedum cultivation fields nearby Malmö, interesting green roofs and roof gardens in our region.
  • Guided tour in the Eco-City Augustenborg including the sustainable drainage systems.

For  more information about the course or sign up as interested, welcome to contact us at

The Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2018

The winner of The Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2018 is TA Companies Ltd (TA-yhtiöt) for their project The Greenest of the Green in Helsinki, Finland.

The Greenest of the Green is a residential building with 121 apartments and a total of 2256 m2 of green roofs and rooftop courtyards. The greenery consists of six different types of green roofs and roof gardens such as meadows, berry & fruit yards, kitchen garden, a sunken garden, sedum roof and also green facades. The project aims to explore the functionality of vegetated facades and green spaces on the roofs of apartment buildings, to gain important insight into the impacts building-integrated greening may have on housing.



The award-jury motivation for the award:

”The Greenest of the green is a clear example of the multifunctionality and importance of urban green infrastructure, not only in the manifested project but also through the process of involvement during the development of the building. The project goes further than most other projects with its ambitions to include several different vegetation systems with different functions and goals. It is a brave and enthusiastic project that includes contemporary ideas about how green buildings can be designed and built at the same time as setting an environmental benchmark for the future.”


Quotations from the winners:

“The project has been a great challenge. It has offered a good possibility to test and develop a ‘green concept’ in housing, of which we are getting valuable information in the long run. We want to be among those who bring nature to the city and gain insight into how vegetation affects the comfort of living. The feedback we have got from the residents tells that we are on the right track – there is a need for these kinds of projects in dense city centers. If the municipalities will take this kind of construction into account in their urban planning policies, we are ready to continue green building. The experiences we gain from The Greenest of the Green block help us to find suitable and economically efficient procedures.” – Managers of the TA-Companies


Other quotations:

“One of the themes of the Finland 100 years celebration was ‘The Finnish happiness lives in the forest’. For us, who live in the city, the roof garden of the Greenest of the Green offers a possibility for this recreation whenever one feels like it. A big thanks for the designers and constructors!” – A family living in the block

About the award
Green roofs are a key elements in the development of dense urban areas with green qualities. As such they can have an impact on urban storm water runoff, urban heat and climate change mitigation.The Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association’s (SGIA) annual green roof award is given to recognize excellence in the field of green roofs and to inspire owners, designers and builders toward quality and innovation. This year eight roofs from all around Scandinavia were nominated. Beside the winning project, 79&Park (Stockholm, Sweden) was awarded the 2nd place and Herlev Ny Hospital (Herlev, Dennark) was the 3rd place winner.


For more information from the SGIA annual award, please contact Tanja Hasselmark Mason at the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute:

or +46 (0)72 301 00 66

New Course: Green Blue Black Grey – Green & blue solutions i the circular city

(Course in Swedish)
Welcome to the course Green Blue Black Gray, which focuses on the increasingly important blue-green infrastructure in our dense cities. What are system solutions? How can they best benefit ecosystem services, climate change and at the same time become more sustainable in terms of water consumption, filtration and society’s phosphorous use? Throughout the course, the implementation of biocides in blue-green solutions is discussed.

Speakers: David Andersson (ECOERA), Björn Embrén (Stockholm City Traffic Office), Kent Fridell (Edge), Ann-Mari Fransson (SLU), Jonathan Malmberg (Scandinavian Green Roof Institute) and Erik Bick (Hela Sweden Ska Leva Göteborgsregionen, and Bergum -Gunnilse Development. Former CEO, Rent Dagvatten).

When? January 25, 2019

Where? Gothenburg

For more information and registration:

Call for Nominations for the 2018 Scandinavian Green Roof Award

The Scandinavian Green Roof Award, originally an initiative of The City of Malmö, has been awarded annually to the best green roof project in Scandinavia since the prize’s inception in 2001. The prize is a collaboration between the Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association, E.ON and the Department of Internal Services in The City of Malmö.

Nominations for the 2018 Green Roof Prize may be sent to using the nomination template downloadable here no later than October 12th, 2018.

More information about the Scandinavian Green Roof Prize is here.


Participate in the survey and promote the development of cities towards sustainable use of Nature-Based Solutions!

ThinkNature EU-project has launched a survey for experts, inquiring about the barriers and drivers for implementing NBS.

You can find the survey here.

Nature-based solutions (NBS) use nature to create sustainability and resilience, adapt to climate change, and counteract the degradation of ecosystems. Such solutions should bring more diverse nature and natural processes into cities, landscapes and seascapes. They are meant to support economic growth, create jobs, enhance human well-being, and be locally adapted and resource-efficient. Read more: The EU Research and Innovation policy agenda on NBS.

Please also spread the link to the survey among your networks:

Thank you very much for your valuable input!