Courses & Study Tours

Courses & study tour


Green Roof Summer Course

Every summer we organize our green roof summer course. We also include theory and site visits on green walls! The summer course venue is Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden. The course is open for both students and professionals.

The summer course includes

  • Lectures on planning, installation and maintenance of extensive and intensive green roofs, and walls.
  • Workshops on green roof substrate, biodiverse green roof design, maintenance and green roofs in combination with solar panels.
  • Full scale installation of a green roof at a real site - on a roof in central Malmö!
  • Green roof study tour to sedum cultivation fields nearby Malmö, interesting green roofs and roof gardens in our region.
  • Guided tour in the Eco-City Augustenborg including the sustainable drainage systems.

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Green Roof Policy & Planning Study Tour

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute organizes international study trips with visits to green roofs and other blue-green infrastructure. Our study trips have gone to Basel, Zurich, London, Copenhagen and Malmö. Each spring we plan our study trips. Keep up to date with destinations and times!

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The Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association (SGIA) is a non-profit organisation with members from academia, municipal departments, green roof entrepreneurs, architects, developers and other organisations with an interest in green roofs and urban green infrastructure.


Interested in what’s happening in green roof and green infrastructure? SGRI sends an English newsletter 2 times a year, where we keep you updated on the development in Scandinavia. You’re welcome to sign up to our mailing list!

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