Eco City Augustenborg is a collaborative project that transformed Augustenborg into a more socially, ecologically and economically sustainable housing area. When built in the 1950s for the Malmö municipal housing company MKB, the Augustenborg residential area was a popular and modern neighborhood. By the 1970s, the flats had started to feel old-fashioned and people began moving from the area. In the 1990 – 2000, Augustenborg faced social and economic problems as well as physical degradation of buildings and outdoor areas, and meanwhile suffering from flooding in the basements on a yearly basis.


In 2010, Malmö received the UN award for the World Habitat Award for efforts for urban sustainability in Ekostaden Augustenborg.


SGRI offer guided tours and in-depth technical visits in the Eco-city Augustenborg.

Facts about the eco city


Ekostaden fungerar idag som en testbädd för hållbar stadsutveckling, med syftet att utveckla och testa nya typer av gröna innovationer.

Stormwater management

In order to solve flood problems and irrigation of green roofs, an integrated and open stormwater management system was implemented.


The energy-efficient renovation work was carried out on 1,600 rental apartments (89% of the housing stock in the area).


Residents in the area were involved throughout the planning process and participated in discussions around, for example. waste management, car pooling, recycling and composting.