February 2021

Winter is here! What happens with the green roofs?

The winter has arrived with cold and snow throughout Sweden, and even here in Malmö there is snow on the green roofs. If there is a lot of snow, it will of course be heavy. A tip is to not shovel away all the snow but to leave 5 cm in order to not risk damaging the vegetation (or even worse - the waterproofing layer) during snow removal.


Webinar series

We are happy to announce that we during the coming spring will release two brand new webinar series. One series about green roofs and one series about urban trees. The webinars will be held in Swedish and the tree webinar is produced within the Vinnova financed project Blue Green City Lab.


Eco-City Augustenborg /
Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden 20 years!

On April 25, 2001, Eco-City Augustenborg and Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden were inaugurated. Augustenborg has since become world famous for its social, cultural and ecological sustainability. Thousands of visitors from all corners of the earth have come to watch and learn more about green roofs, open stormwater systems and much more. Of course we want to celebrate this, so during the year 2021 it will be done with various digital and physical arrangements. Keep an eye on our website and in social media!

Blue-green event

21st of April, 2021

Blue-green digital event 21/4

On April 21, as part of the 20th anniversary party, we are hosting a digital blue-green day in collaboration with SGIA and EFB. During the day we will hear short talks about interesting initiatives and projects from different parts of Europe. We all face the challenges of climate change and densification. What can we learn from each other? The event is free of charge.Sign up now to secure your spot and welcome to a wonderful morning full of knowledge exchange and inspiration!


Inventory of green roofs

During the coming spring we will take inventory of all the green roofs in the real estate owner Wihlborgs care. After our inventory we will produce guidelines for future quality improving- and quality ensuring measurements.


The Green Roof Handbook – Release event

The Vinnova-funded project Gröna täta tak (Green dense roofs) is coming to an end and one of the main activities has been updating the Green Roof Handbook. This spring, the updated edition of the Green Roof Handbook will be launched! The project invites you to a free full-day event on April 27 where we address the issue of how green roofs can maintain quality and the promise of multifunctionality and delivery of ecosystem service in the dense urban environment.
The event is free of charge. Save the date and keep an eye on the link below for more information!

Final report RTB part 2

During the last years we have been involved in the Vinnova financed project “Rest till Bäst” about the production and use of Biochar in Sweden. We have now finished the 2nd step of the project, and the final report together with a users manual can be downloaded without cost at We are now entering the intensive work with preparing an application for the third step of the project.

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In connection with the 20th anniversary, a brand new anthology about Augustenborg and the development in the area from the start of construction in 1948 until today, has been produced. Here you get the entire story of the Eco-City and an insight into the experiences and lessons that can be learned.

In addition to the main texts, where the authors are initiated persons who have not themselves been involved in the implementation, there are eight scientific chapters that are in-depth writings written by researchers specialized in various fields. This is complemented by more personal considerations, fact boxes and interviews.
The book can be ordered from or downloaded as a free pdf-file here:
An English version will also be available during the spring.
Utöver huvudtexterna, där författarna är initierade personer som inte själv varit involverade i genomförandet, finns åtta vetenskapliga kapitel som är fördjupningar skrivna av forskare specialiserade inom olika områden. Detta kompletteras med mer personliga betraktelser, faktarutor och intervjuer. Boken kan beställas från eller laddas ner i pdf-format här:

Under våren kommer även en engelsk version.

Members of C/O City

We want to proudly announce our new membership in the association C/O City. The association works toward green, living societies wich provide ecosystem services for everyone. As members we are looking forward to many good joint cooperations to come.



We want to welcome Helen Johansson as our new CEO. Helen has been working with us for three years and with her good knowledge in economy and HR she is the perfect successor to Mats O Nilsson. We also want to thank Mats for many years of flawless service and wish him the best in his future carreer as CEO of Ängelholmshem.


Guided tours

Now it's time to plan for future study visits! There are many different ready-made tours to choose from, and we can also make special arrangements to suit your group. The entire visit can be carried out outdoors in a Corona-safe way. And if you don’t have the opportunity to come to us, we can still implement a digital version.

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