Research projects


Rest till bäst

Rest till Bäst is a Vinnova-funded project, where the goal is to develop solutions to manage the community's organic residual products (park and garden waste, sludge, algae and seaweed) and create a demanded utility product (biochar) while minimizing environmental and climate impact. The project has 14 partners from established universities, large companies and small companies and municipalities.



Nature-based urban innovation is a 4-year project funded by the European Commission and involves 14 European institutions in the areas of urban development, geography, innovation studies and economics. The project is about developing our understanding of what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities, exploring how innovation can be promoted in this area and helping to realize the potential of nature-based solutions to overcome the city's sustainability challenges by working with communities and stakeholders.


Blue green city lab

Blue Green City Lab is a project that acts as a test-bed for new green-blue solutions, the overarching goal is to evaluate both new and established blue-green solutions in the city and make improvements wherever possible. In the larger perspective, the Blue Green City Lab contributes to more blue-green cities with the capability to cope better with adverse effects of extreme weather. It also acts to develop biodiversity and social sustainability in cities.

Most of the projects is partly finansed by Vinnova and Region Skåne


Course platform

Our platform for e-courses focusing on blue-green infrastructure, developed and maintained by us at the Institute.


The Green Roof Handbook

The green roof handbook consists of two manuals that deals with all aspects of building and maintaining a green roof. Information about plant beds, vegetation, waterproofing, materials and insulation are included in the handbook as well a guide on how best to use the manuals. A report on the work process was also produced. It has recommendations on clarifications, improvements, possible tools and further ideas and thoughts on how to best manage a green roof.


Green roofs – aging and ecosystem services

Green roofs provide many crucial ecosystem services, including stormwater retention, air quality improvement, habitat for biodiversity, and a beautified urban environment. But how do these ecosystem services change as the roofs age, since they are expected to last many decades? This FORMAS-funded project led by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) takes on this question, studying dozens of green roofs in Malmö, Stockholm, and Helsinki (Finland).

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