Green roof handbook

The Swedish Green Roof Handbook has now been completed and published!

It can be downloaded and read on

The manual is divided into three parts, one of which relates to plant bed and vegetation and the second, concrete and insulation. The third is a guide that links the two manuals. Printed versions of the handbooks are available at SGRI and can be sent upon request.

We hope, of course, that they are well spread and that they are in your bookshelves in the future!

A report on the green roof work process can also be downloaded from the same web pages as the book. It is based on various real projects and is aimed primarily at people who will project and keep an eye on the entire work process. For more information, go to and read more about the project.

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Scandinavian Green Roof Association

The Scandinavian Green Roof Association (SGRA) is a non-profit organisation with members from academia, municipal departments, green roof entrepreneurs, architects, developers and other organisations with an interest in green roofs and urban green infrastructure.

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Here you’ll find several interesting publications. For example, after projects such as SGRI in one way or another have been involved in or only interesting documents that in one way or another refer to the Ecocity Augustenborg or Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden.