Blue-green guided tour: From roof to ground

Full day, 9.00-16.00

A guided tour in collaboration between SGRI and Edge



Do you represent a group that wants to learn more about Blue-Green Infrastructure? Follow us on a bike tour around Malmö with the topic: ”From roof to ground”. During the tour we will follow water’s flow from green roofs via green walls to raingardens, tree trenches, open subbase layers (and their integration in so-called Bluegreengrey systems). We will have a look on all the latest nature-based solutions and share practical experiences from the projects.


How: Lecture (indoors), followed by bike tour around Malmö.

Max number of participants: 25 people

Time: Full day, 9.00-16.00

Lunch: We order lunch and fika (coffee) at cost price. All food preferences can be met.

Where: Malmö, Sweden. Tour start at Ystadvägen 56 and finishes at Västra Hamnen.

Bikes: We can arrange bicycles at an additional cost of 250 SEK / person. A tricycle is available if required.

Price: 12 000 SEK exkl VAT. Cost for bicycles, lunch and fika (coffee) will be added.

Student price 10 000 kr excl tax.

Covid-19: All of our tours are carried out as safely as possible according to the recommendations of FHM.


The tour starts with a 45 minutes long lecture where guides Martin Vysoký from edge and Gustav Nässlander from SGRI will provide you with basic understanding of Blue-Green Infrastructure. Lecture can be hold digitally a day before or at the place before the tour starts. After we will take our bikes to many diverse Blue-Green Infrastructure projects. We eat lunch outdoors in a beautiful park at good weather conditions. In the afternoon we end the tour in Västra Hamnen. During summer, we end the tour with a voluntary swim in the final recipient Öresund.

Welcome to join our tour where we focus on solving todays problems that we face with increasing urbanisation and climate change!