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1. Malmö, the sustainable city

Tour locations:

Augustenborg Eco City


West harbor



Malmö, the sustainable city

During this tour we will discuss and visit some areas in Malmö which, are known for their sustainable solutions. Usually, we begin the tour in the Ecocity of Augustenborg, at SGRI. Here we you will get the opportunity to visit several of the sustainable solutions in the area, including MKB’s new sustainable building, Greenhouse, the laundromat of the future and the Rabbit Hotel. We will also discuss the history of the area and how the community was involved transforming the neighbourhood. Another aspect of the tour involves the Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden and how it ties into large portions of the stormwater system. The Western Harbour in Malmö was primarily known for the large shipping industry it hosted. Today, the area is a known for its unique sustainable development projects such as the OhBoy Hotel and the Bo01 housing area.

2. Malmö, The Blue Green City

Tour locations:

The Botanical Roof Garden

Stormwater management in Augustenborg

Neptuni Street



Parking House Anna

Malmö, The Blue Green City. Climate adaptation with green infrastructure and sustainable stormwater management

In this tour we will look at nature-based solutions, such as green roofs, green walls, city trees and open stormwater systems that help make the city resilient and better adapted for the change in climate. During this in depth study we will discuss the challenges of the future, focusing on how cities will manage a hotter climate and heavy rainfall. The primary focus will be on systems that locally dispose of rainwater, including ponds, canals, raingardens, and how greenery can be used to supplement and enhance these systems. The tour will start in the EcoCity of Augustenborg where we will visit the areas most interesting stormwater solutions. During a heavy rainfall event in Malmö in 2014, these storm water systems helped to redirect the water to planned infiltration areas and prevent flooding in the Ecocity. This was one of the few districts in Malmö that was not severely impacted by the floods. Next, we will look at and discuss the open storm water systems in Västra Hamnen. Though this area has many similarities to Augustenborg there are also many differences which we will review and compare as we walk through the harbour.

3. Malmö, The Green City

Tour locations:

Augustenborg Eco City

The Botanical Roof Garden

The Green Roof of Hotel Garden

The Triangle



Malmö, The Green City, high and low

In this tour, we will take a closer look at how Malmö is using vegetation as a nature based solution to create a better city environment. Here we can visit various green roofs and walls around the city such as those found at: Augustenborg botanical roof garden, Greenhouse, the biotope roof with solar panels on KV Sofia, Hotel Garden and Triangelhuset.

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The lunch is at Pedallers Kitchen. However, it is possible to arrange something else if needed.

Lunch from Pedallers Kitchen

All Pedallers Kitchens vegetables are locally produced, organic and, by season, usually from urban growers here in Malmö. The meat comes from Skåne farms and the beverages from Sövde musteri here in Skåne.