180 min

Technical visit

Covid-19: All of our tours are carried out as safely as possible according to the recommendations of FHM.

Photo: L.G Foto/Leif Gustafsson


Most of the groups visiting the EcoCity Augustenborg and the botanical roof garden have a deeper interest in a specific area related to sustainable urban development and green infrastructure. We offer technical visits where you can gain a greater insight into an optional special area and the measures taken in EcoCity.

We offer student discounts on all technical visits.


In this tour we will visit several sustainable solutions found in EcoCity, including MKB's new spearhead project Greenhouse, the “laundromat of the future” and the "Rabbit Hotel". Augustenborgs Botanical Roof Garden and large parts of the stormwater system are also shown where some of the technical aspects are discussed; which projects worked well and were improvements can be made in the future?