90 min

Tree Spotting Malmö

Due to covid-19, all our tours take place outdoors.

Tree spotting tours


Folkets Park

In this tree spotting, we look at trees together in Folkets park and the surrounding area.


Malmö Live & Kungsparken

In this tree spotting we look at trees together around Malmö Live and in Kungsparken.

Tree watching in the urban forest

Tree spotting is for you if you want to learn how to tell the difference between the trees in the city and appreciate the tree diversity that exists in Malmö. After completing the tour, you as a participant have learned the basics of what is required to determine the species of our city trees.

In the city of Malmö, more than 700 tree species are represented. This can be compared with the fact that there are approximately 250 nesting bird species throughout Sweden. Tree viewing as a leisure activity has the ambition to grow and reach the same status as bird watching.

Join us on a journey into the noble art of species determination and learn how to tell the difference in the trees in our green city. The guide and garden engineer Gustav Nässlander from SGRI runs the Tree Podcast and has previous experience of tree inventory.

During the tree spotting, we learn to determine the species of just over 20 species of trees. And the participants get to learn what tools are needed for effective species identification. The trees that are looked at also have their own cultural history and benefits to our planet, which Gustav will tell you all about! Now, let's open Pandora's box together - you will never look at trees in the same way again.

We offer student discounts on all our guided tours

Good things to bring (no requirement):


Notepad and pen

General information

We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and the tree spotting tours can be changed or canceled at short notice. At the moment, a maximum of 20 people per tree spotting (excluding guide) is allowed. In case of cancellation due to the Corona situation, the amount paid will be refunded. So always cancel in case of symptoms of respiratory infection, cough, runny nose or fever. We accept bookings on weekends only in exceptional cases.