Green Roof Course Malmö

18 - 22 september

Application is now open!

The course is held in English. Lunch is included but accommodation is not.

The course (5 full days) is held at Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden, Malmö

One of the world's largest research and development facilities within green roofs! Some highlights of the course:

a study trip to interesting green roofs and walls in our region

full-scale installation of a green roof during the second half of the course

and last but not least the exchange of thoughts and ideas during group work and workshops

"I am really enjoying working in the Green roof industry. Thanks to you guys. The course last June was inspiring, and actually helped me get a job."

Ryan Hennessy, course participant 2015

"The course was led by very knowledgeable teachers with an inspiring passion for green roofs and the Botanical Roof Garden in Augustenborg is an extremely good place to learn how to build green roofs."

Olof Woltil, course participant 2014

"This course has not only exceeded my expectations but has also given me enough knowledge and enthusiasm to keep investigating and working in the green roof world. "

Oriol Garcia Antunez, course participant 2019

Professionals and students with different backgrounds are welcome

The green roof industry is by nature interdisciplinary and we believe that a mixed group with different skills is an asset for the course. Our common interest is sustainable urban development where green roofs play an important role in greener and more "lively" cities!

The five days include

Lectures on planning, construction and maintenance of green roofs and facades.

Different systems and approaches to green roofs and facade greenery and their potential advantages and disadvantages. The construction of green roofs and the function of the different layers (drainage, insulation, root protection, etc.). Different aspects of planning and construction and choice of suitable vegetation.

Full-scale installation of a green roof at Augustenborg's botanical roof garden!

During the second half of the course, we install a full-scale green roof including all its components such as drainage, growing media and vegetation. All course participants will participate in all the different elements.

Study trip in the Malmö region, including a guided tour of Eco-City Augustenborg and its unique sustainable open stormwater system.

Study trip with focus on green roofs and green walls. Green roofs play an important role in the blue-green infrastructure solutions that provide ecosystem services and resilience to our cities. We visit various interesting green roofs, rooftop parks and green wall installations. We also visit a sedum cultivation near Malmö.

Workshops on substrates, planting, risk and safety etc.

Workshops are held in Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden. We examine different materials and prepare our own substrate. We also take a closer look at plant management, including planting seeds, cuttings, plugs and bulbs. At the design workshop, your task is to redo one of our roofs!


3-day course: 9 000 SEK

+ 1 day optional study tour: 1 000 SEK

+ 1 day optional installation: 1 500 SEK

We offer student discount