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We showcase a wide variety of blue-green solutions for climate-adaptation such as, green roofs, green facades, sustainable urban drainage systems, rain gardens and much more! Over the years, we have received thousands of visitors from all around the globe – municipalities, students, politicians, businesses, and the public!

Which solutions are you interested in ad want to learn more about? Check out our tours below!


Tour of the Ecocity of Augustenborg / Botanical Roof Garden

This tour focuses on the Botanic Roof Garden as well as the Eco City Augustenborg area which won the UN's World Habitat Award 2010 for its urban sustainability. We walk in Eco City and look at the district's unique open stormwater management, green infrastructure, recycling close to the property and communal cultivation and more

During a longer visit, we ca also take a look at MKBs newest addition to the Ecocity of Augustenborg. It’s an innovative building project with roof gardens and many other sustainable solutions!

Depending on tour, choose between:

Botanical Roof Garden



Usually 60 - 180 min

3900 SEK  - 9500 SEK ex.VAT


Tour in Malmö

We offer both longer and shorter tours around Malmö were we show blue-green solutions that has been implemented all around the city – green facades, rain gardens and green roofs! We walk, bike or travel by public transport depending on what suits your wishes for the tour! Usually, we tailor the tour around which types of solutions (or mix of them) that the group is interested in - contact us for an offer!

Choose between:




Neptunigatan / Einar Hanssens Esplanad





Brf Källorna

Grönare Möllan & Södervärn

Usually 60 min – full day

From 3900 SEK ex.VAT

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Tour in Copenhagen

Our half-or full day tours takes us to many parts of Copenhagen and showcase many of the blue-green infrastructure that the city has built to adapt to cloudbursts and climate change. Best modes of transport are by bike or public transport. We tailor the tour around which types of solutions (or mix of them) that the group is interested in - contact us for an offer!

Choose between:



Karen Mindes


Israels Plads

SUND Nature Park

Skt Kjelds Plads

Tåsinge Plads



Usually 4h – full day

From 13 000 SEK ex.VAT


Guidning i Lund

Runt om i Lund finns det flera intressanta blågröna lösningar att kika på. Vi kan ta oss ut till det nya området Brunnshög som anläggs runt ESS och Mac 4, och som har fokus på hållbarhet och flera ytor för rekreation, dagvattenhantering och biologisk mångfald. Även inne i centrala Lund finns bland annat Stadsparkens intressanta planteringar med olika karaktär.

Här föreslår vi en kombination av spårvagn och att gå till fots för att ta sig runt.

Det går självklart bra att skräddarsy en egen runda – kontakta oss för offert!

Choose between:



Usually 60 - 180 min

3900 SEK  - 9500 SEK ex.VAT

Prices 2023

Shorter tours

60 min 3900 SEK ex.VAT

90 min 5000 SEK ex.VAT

120 min 6700 SEK ex.VAT

Longer tours:

180 min / 3h 9500 SEK ex.VAT

4h (halvdag) 13 000 SEK ex.VAT

7 h (heldag)  20 000 SEK ex.VAT

-Prices above are for 1 guide per group of 25 people (maximum 15 people on tour by bike)

-We offer a student discount of 40% on group tours

-Additional costs for “extras” such as lunch, fika, bikes, workshops can be added upon agreement

Tree hikes

The trees of the city are very important for many reasons. In Malmö, approximately 750 tree species are represented. On this tour, we learn how to identify many of the different trees while you also will learn about Malmös tree plan and why we have such a great diversity in Malmö. There are several tours to choose from, but you can also suggest your own tour if there is another part of Malmö you are particularly interested in! 

Folkets park

Malmö Live & Kungsparken

Möllan / Södervärn

Beijers Park - Ny!

Rönneholmsparken - Ny!

Stadsparken ( i Lund)

Usually 60 - 90 min

3900 - 5000 SEK ex.VAT

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