60 - 120 min


Covid-19: All of our tours are carried out as safely as possible according to the recommendations of FHM.


All tours start with a presentation of the EcoCity of Augustenborg and its transformation from a neighbourhood with a bad reputation to world renowned eco-city. In the EcoCity there are, among other things, a botanical roof garden that has more than twenty different demonstration areas with different green roof solutions. In our guided tours, we walk around the EcoCity and look at the district's unique open stormwater management, green infrastructure, property-related recycling, joint cultivation and more. Augustenborg is also known for its new apartment block- Greenhouse, which is MKB's latest spearhead project. Greenhouse is a 14-story passive house focused on cultivation as has incorporated many climate-smart solutions into its design.

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90 min

Tour locations:

3200 SEK + VAT

The prices, listed above, is for a group of maximum 15 people. If you are more than 15 people, the price is doubled. Maximum group size is 30.

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